Truth In Numbers

Okay, so I have way too much time on my hands while I keep my phalanges cozy and warm as the ice age continues to loom just outside my window. But, give a computer-geek, who battles the threat of brain atrophy brought on by early retirement, a whiff of raw data and expect nothing less than a number crunching frenzy.

The NC State Board of Elections website and its accompanying FTP site, contains a wealth of information. Those who would take the time to do some digging would be simply amazed at how readily the nonsense metastasized by the bigoted cranks running my state is refuted by the very facts and figures made public by one of the many state agencies hemorrhaging strategically placed sycophants.

It may not be on the front-burner at this very moment, but, herewith, is the NCSBE’s own truth about the 2012 Primary and the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriages. Yeah, Amendment One, the national embarrassment that the shameless Tillisberger couldn’t muster the dignity to put on the general election ballot for an honest airing later that same year.

  • 6,296,759 (84.2%) of the voting age population of 7,482,769 were registered to vote at the time of the May 8, 2012 primaries.
  • 2,182,675 (34.7%) of those registered turned out to vote – that’s 29.2% of the voting age population.
  • 2,157,980 (98.9%) of those who turned out voted either for or against Amendment One – that’s 28.8% of the voting age population.
  • 1,317,178 (60.3%) of those who turned out voted in favor of Amendment One – that’s 17.6% of the voting age population.
  • 840,802 (38.5%) of those who turned out voted against Amendment One – that’s 10.7% of the voting age population.
  • 24,695 (1.1%) of those who turned out didn’t vote either way on the constitutional amendment – that’s .3% of the voting age population.

Now, I’d just wiped my glasses clean for the third time, and I still don’t see anything in the NCSBE data that supports the “60% of NC voters approved the amendment” claim so pathetically trumpeted by Tillisberger, Stam and their various mutations.

I’m not at all proud of this but, when I was a snot-nosed kid plodding my way through school, I was convinced I’d never have any use for arithmetic in my adult life. I was lucky enough not to have had to repeat any classes, but my thirty-five year old, battery powered Casio calculator has a much better head for numbers than I. No matter how hard or softly I press its percent button, though, the LCD readout still tells me there’s miles of distance between 17% of all and 60% of some!

Nevertheless, I am clearly not the Steve Levitt of Freakonomics fame, so I’ll leave the math up to the rest of you to interpret. However, I can say with absolute certainty, that my analysis supports the indisputable conclusion that 100% of the troglodytes running the show out of Raleigh are so full of shit, their unwashed hands reek as abominably from the nuggets they cherry-pick out of their asses as the special free-market blend of coffee Tillis prefers from his favorite Starbuck’s franchise.

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