We listened. We just couldn’t hear anything.

2016-election-county-mapOur ears were perked, since years ago when the threat to progressivism by the growing conservative/religious-right movement took more and more ominous shape. But as that ideology caught on with the Jacksonian minded rural-white folk, so too did the cottage industry of conservative media grow into the bubble that ultimately dimmed their fear driven voices to the outside world to a barely perceptible buzz-like noise akin to the vibration from a distant soundproof room.
Nothing diplomatic we tried could penetrate it, and, nothing got out but for the ever intensifying sonar-like pings of nationalism, hatred and bigotry that attracted instigating MSM ratings whores like moths to glowing flame.
How much shit did we take from our petulant children before giving way to our disgust? And now — especially in this new PC-be-damned world we find ourselves in — we’re supposed shame ourselves into taking responsibility for Trump’s win because we had a bad, elitist attitude?

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